Tools Every New Dog Owner Needs

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1. A Collar

You could carry your dog out to the car, but a collar and leash will be more comfortable for everyone (especially your arms if you get a larger breed). It's important that your dog has a collar that works and is comfortable. This Blue Frog Track N Guard Dog Collar has a GPS tracker built in just in case Rusty ever gets away.

2. A Harness

A harness can be used instead of a collar. These are good for smaller dogs and dogs that might be more anxious. This Blueberry Pet Step-In Classic Dog Harness fits most breeds and is breathable, which is important if you want your dog to like her harness (or else walks might become a little difficult).

3. A Leash

As was already said, you'll need a leash to go with that collar or harness. A durable, adjustable leash like this Blueberry Pet Durable Classic Nylon Dog Leash that comes in different lengths is a good choice. The leash should be between four and six feet long at the very least.

4. Food And Water Bowls

Dog bowls are most often made of stainless steel (ceramic is another terrific option). With a pair of these Iconic Pet Stainless Steel Non-Skid Bowls with rubber bottoms, Cooper won't be able to push his food further away as he eats.

5. A Bed

A puppy needs to rest. Pick a bed that will support your dog's body and let him or her rest as much as possible. The SertaPedic Memory Foam Couch Dog Bed, like a regular mattress, is made of memory foam, which eases joint pain and keeps Sadie from getting too hot. It can also be washed in a machine.

6. A Gate

Set indoor boundaries with a gate until your dog knows where she can go and what she can't. The Richell Convertible Elite Four-Panel Pet Gate works well and doesn't get in the way.

7. A Crate

Your puppy's new surroundings will stress her out. She's unfamiliar with everything here. Healthy puppies need crates. It helps housetrain and calm your dog. Daisy should be able to stand, walk, and sleep in the crate. 

8. Plenty Of Treats

When it comes to training, you'll need a lot of treats to give out as rewards for good behaviour. When setting up expectations, it's important to use positive reinforcement, and treats are important for showing positive responses. 

9. Puppy Pads

Breaking into a house is a process. If a dog owner says their dog has never had an accident inside, they are lying. It's a great idea to put puppy pads around the house. Arm & Hammer makes some that soak up a lot of water and smell good to dogs (hopefully preventing them from using the carpet).