This is the tattoo that best fits your zodiac sign

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To show you're not afraid to take risks, you might want a big, bold tattoo on a visible part of your body, like a very detailed picture or a full arm sleeve with bright colours. And if you want to show that you live your life with your heart on your sleeve, an anatomical heart tattoo is the perfect way to do that (quite literally, in this case).

1. Aries: Heart Tattoo

Taurus, you don't do things on the spur of the moment, so if you get a tattoo, it will be after you've thought about it for a while. Even though most people think of you as stubborn, you're really a romantic at heart. You are a sensual and sweet person who is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. You would rather have a simple and elegant tattoo than one that is too flashy.

2. Taurus: Floral Tattoo

Design-wise, it's a safe bet to get a tattoo that shows your zodiac element is air. Birds, feathers, clouds, or even a honey bee all show your need and desire to be free and reach new heights. But because you change your mind so often, you should pick a body part that is easy to hide if you change your mind.

3. Gemini: Bird Tattoo

So, you like tattoos that have a lot of emotion, romance, a feminine look, and soft, smooth lines. And what better idea for a tattoo than one that is based on the night sky and shows all the stars and your planet's ruler, the Moon?

4. Cancer: Celestial Tattoo

It can be hard to decide which style you like best because there are so many. So, you might choose something timeless and meaningful, like a carefully chosen quote from a book, poem, or movie you love. After all, Mercury, the planet of communication and writing, is your ruler. 

5. Virgo: Quote Tattoo

To show this, get a tattoo that looks real, like one of a butterfly. Not only will this give your room a little more beauty, but the butterfly also represents your need to be free and change as you grow. A tattoo on your shoulder should have a complicated design that is both elegant and will last for a long time.

6. Libra: Butterfly Tattoo

As a water sign, you might get a tattoo that means a lot to you, but you might not tell anyone what it means. You're moody and mysterious, and it can be fun to give in to this darker side sometimes. Because of this, blackwork tattoos are sure to please with their deep and rich shades of black and grey. 

7. Scorpio: Black and Gray Tattoo

In astrology, your sign is the archer. Because of this, tattoos with arrows and other symbols of archery are very popular. But you're also quite the adventurer, so a tattoo of a plane, a map, or even a compass with the coordinates of your favourite vacation spot would be perfect. Even though this tattoo would look great in any style, it will really stand out in a New School design because of the strange patterns and colours.

8. Sagittarius: Travel-Inspired Tattoo

As a fan of all things traditional, I think Old School is the best design style for me. These tattoos have strong black lines and muted colours that let the quality of the line work stand out. And as someone who knows how important it is to stay grounded and give yourself time to grow into your best qualities, a tall tree with deep roots would be a good design choice.

9. Capricorn: Tree Tattoo

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