The Best Houseplant for Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries, you like to speak. Your bold and passionate zodiac sign prefers to lead. You want a vigorous houseplant because Mars, the planet of passion and vitality, rules you. The vivid golden, red, and purple Croton is a fantastic combination. It changes colours and grows in different directions, perfect for a go-getter like you. This tropical plant thrives in heat and can withstand your enthusiasm.

1. Aries: Croton

Taurus, you enjoy nature. Your house may be full of well-cared-for houseplants. You're focused and persistent, which shows in how you take care of your home. The Heartleaf Philodendron could be your next houseplant. Taurus' Venus-ruled Sweetheart Plant is dreamy and sweet. It's a low-maintenance, easy-to-grow plant. Trailing vines can reach eight feet with devotion and perseverance.

2. Taurus: Heartleaf Philodendron

Geminis are light-hearted and always seeking new adventures. Whether you're pursuing a whirlwind romance, a new employment chance, or a friendship, you prefer to network and socialise your way through life. Thus, you should choose a low-maintenance houseplant like the Spider Plant.

3. Gemini: Spider Plant

Cancers are notorious homebodies. When you're not around friends or family, you're creating a tranquil space. The Peace Lily, a high-maintenance flower, may suit you as a water sign because you're intuitive and sensitive. The Peace Lily's white blossoms and rich green foliage will quiet your house. However, it needs constant care. That would disqualify other signs. You have the patience to cultivate this beauty as the zodiac's nurturer.

4. Cancer: Peace Lily

Leo, you create drama! You exude confidence and are elegant. Your positive vibe attracts attention without you trying. Monsteras are ideal for the zodiac's self-proclaimed leader. These plants have heart-shaped leaves and are laidback. Adore you, they like strong, indirect light and crave attention. Everyone that enters your home will envy the Monstera.

5. Leo: Monstera Deliciosa

Virgos like simplicity. As the zodiac's fastidious and eagle-eyed perfectionist, you realise it takes time to build something worthwhile. Fortunately, you work hard. The Majesty Palm, with its massive green fronds, is the perfect blend of contemporary and classic home decor. With proper care, this timeless houseplant will thrive for decades. Its basic green colour complements any decor, making it a great purchase for practical Virgo.

6. Virgo: Majesty Palm

Scorpios can be confusing. Your enigmatic demeanour turns off many. Once you open out, your gentle and sympathetic side surprises others. Your ideal houseplant will help you express your softer side. Jade adds tranquilly to your home. This plant is low-maintenance, like a water sign. Since you love to indulge your friends and family, Jade plants, which symbolise prosperity, success, and fortune, may appeal to you.

7. Scorpio: Jade Plant

Sagittarius, what's not on your bucket list? You follow the wind. Let's face it—you need a houseplant that can survive neglect. You're not careless—you just can't stay put. Most houseplants need regular watering and repotting, which doesn't fit your nomadic lifestyle. Cactuses are low-maintenance, so choose one unless you want to pay friends to take care of your plants. 

8. Sagittarius: Cactus

Capricorns are ambitious. You're most satisfied when your efforts pay off. You're a traditionalist who doesn't give up easy. You believe in hard work, but a little luck never hurts. Money Trees offer luck and positivity to your space. This picky plant needs more than luck to thrive. This plant suits your meticulous lifestyle because you don't cut corners. You might even keep it on your office desk!

9. Capricorn: Money Tree

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