Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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Dogs Adapt Better to Change

Cats are sensitive to their surroundings and dislike change. Dogs adapt well to change, especially when their owners don't seem bothered. Dogs might be worried and scared, but as a species, they're usually calmer when their lifestyles change.Cats need more time to adjust to new people, pets, or goods in the household or moving. They're not sure everything's well. First, proof. Most dogs follow their owners. 

More Control Means Less Destruction

Cats may chuckle when controlled. Most cats jump, scratch, and mark what they want. Hairballs are easiest to find when barefoot at night.Dogs can be destructive, but crate training can keep them and your home safe while you're away. Most crate-trained dogs consider their crates special locations. Crates and closed doors make cats miserable.

Training Dogs is Easier

Even cat lovers agree that teaching cats is harder than training dogs. Even food-motivated cats tyre of training and leave. They'll grab the food and eat it. Cats generally train humans better than we can.Most dogs like training. It gives them purpose. Dogs enjoy working. Food and attention motivate many dogs. For a treat, they'll sit, remain, shake, lie down, and roll over.

Dogs Can Protect You

Cats aren't territorial. Troubled cats run and hide. Most dogs naturally guard their owners and territory. Many will bark or growl to warn you of visitors and deter them. If they sense we're threatened, dogs will react.Small dogs may be better at hearing outside noises than big dogs with loud barks. Kids can't fight intruders, but they'll warn you. 

Dogs Promote an Active Lifestyle

Cats usually remain home or go out. Some people walk their cats around the neighbourhood on leashes, but that's rare. Dogs require exercise like people. We can incorporate them into our workouts, which is wonderful. Most dogs enjoy walks. Many like running with humans. Some can run with bikes.

Dogs Come in More Shapes and Sizes

Many cat breeds have similar shapes and sizes. Most house cats are "moggies"—mixed breeds. Cats have gorgeous coats and colours, although they differ less than dogs.It's hard to believe that a little Yorkie is a Great Dane. You have many dog options. Do you want a big, small, or medium dog? A hyperactive herding dog or a gentle lapdog? You may like a well-balanced mixed breed. 

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Cat play is limited. Many cats adore string toys and bat their little cat ball toys about, but it's almost like they're humouring you. They play alone too.Dogs love interactive play, especially with you. Fetch with a ball or disc. Play tug-of-war. Chase in the yard. Your dog can have a "playdate" with another dog if they get along. Make sure both pets are healthy and compatible.

No Litter Boxes!

Even cat lovers dislike litter boxes. Despite your best efforts, they always smell. Litter also scatters the house. Small houses have no good litter box locations. Scooping stinks and dusts.Dogs don't need litter boxes. Most are housebroken and schedule-oriented. They can utilise the yard or do their business on neighbourhood walkways. You only have to pick up excrement, not urine like litter boxes. 

Are Dogs REALLY Better Than Cats?

Trying to compare cats and dogs is like trying to compare apples and oranges. Both the benefits and drawbacks of each species exist, and each is unique in its own particular way. The age-old conflict between those who prefer dogs to cats is one that truly does not need to be continued.

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