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Intensely Fragrant Roses

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The double delight is definitely the most beautiful two-colored rose in the world. Large, white flowers with a striking red edge. The double delight rose is also famous for its strong, spicy scent. It's a great flower for shows and a perfect choice for cutting gardens.

1. Double Delight

The honey perfume comes from a rose that has very beautiful clusters of flowers. This rose has large clusters of apricot-yellow blossoms. Aside from its striking appearance, honey perfume has a strong, spicy scent. It blossoms from spring to fall. Each bloom has 25 to 30 petals. The honey perfume plant has dark green leaves. So, each flower looks more attractive and shiny.

2. Honey Perfume

The English heritage rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in that family. It has the traditional cup shape of a rose. The heritage rose is one of a kind in the rose family because of its almost perfect shape. Heritage rose is also known for the way it looks and smells. It's a beautiful light pink colour. Also, the heritage roses gave off a pleasant lemon scent.

3. Heritage

The plum is one of many beautiful flowers with a strange mix of colours. At first, the plant puts out long, pretty buds. They slowly open up into large, beautiful flowers. When the plums are fully bloomed, the centre is lavender and the edges are plum-purple. The smelly plum is also a strong-smelling rose. They gave off a strong, fruity scent that filled the air.

4. Fragrant Plum

The Royal Highness is a very fragrant rose that is good enough for an exhibition. It has big flowers that are a soft pink colour. Most likely, no other hybrid tea roses are as pretty in pink as this one. The Royal Highness plant does best in places with a lot of sunlight. First will come the long, pointy buds. Over time, they grow into big flowers with 40 to 50 petals and a high centre.

5. Royal Highness

Mister Lincoln is probably the world's most fragrant red rose. This well-known hybrid tea rose has a classic rose scent that is sweet. Mister Lincoln is a good choice for your cutting garden or show. It has big, velvety, deep-red flowers that can be smelled from almost 10 feet away.

6. Mister Lincoln

The secret rose is a great flower to use to make your home smell nice. Its flowers have a strong, fruity scent. The flowers are also very pretty, with creamy petals that are edged with bluish pink. The average size of the flowers is 4.75 inches. The secret flower should be planted in the spring. Most of the plant's flowers are single, but some are in small groups. Most flowers have between 26 and 40 petals.

7. Secret

The sunsprite is likely one of the world's best yellow roses. This rose's deep yellow colour stays the same as long as it lives. The Sunsprite rose is also great because it has a strong, sweet smell. It might be the perfect thing to add to your cutting garden.

8. Sunsprite

It is an exceptionally fragrant hybrid tea rose with beautiful pink petals. According to the experts, one bloom to perfume an entire room. Undoubtedly, everyone will love such a strong old rose fragrance from a memorial day bloom. It is an easy to grow rose. The large, fully double blooms will have more than 50 pink petals.

9. Memorial Day

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