List of Cat Breeds

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Abyssinians are very smart and have a lot of questions. They love to explore, and they won't leave any place unchecked. People sometimes call them "Aby-grabbys" because they usually take what interests them. Aby likes to run, jump, and climb. Keep a variety of toys on hand to keep her busy, like puzzles that will test her brain.

1. Abyssinian Cat

The American Bobtail is a very active breed that looks like a wildcat with a bobbed tail and acts a lot like a dog.

2. American Bobtail Cats

The American Curl is a unique dog with ears that curl back and a curious face that looks like happy surprise. She makes everyone she meets smile..

3. American Curl cat

The American Shorthair was once used to keep rodents and other pests away from food stores. She still likes to hunt insects that don't know she's there. She is smart and moderately active, so she likes to learn new tricks and test her intelligence with puzzles and toys that interact with her.

4. American Shorthair Cat

The Balinese, which can also be called a Javanese depending on the colour and pattern of its coat, looks like a king or queen but is really just a curious kitten at heart.

5. Balinese-Javanese Cat

Bengal cats are curious and sure of themselves. They are as friendly as a house cat and as beautiful as an Asian Leopard Cat. Find out more about Bengals and how playful they are, as well as how to take care of them and what to feed them.

6. Bengal Cat

The Birman is a well-known and well-loved cat. With their exotic ancestry, luxurious pointed coats, "white gloved" paws, and mesmerising blue eyes, this breed has undeniable charisma.

7. Birman cat

The Bombay is a calm, but active, cat. She is happy in both quiet apartments where she is the centre of attention and busy homes with kids and other pets. She will talk to you in a clear voice, and you'll probably find her in the warmest place in your home, whether that's in the sun coming through a window or curled up with you in bed..

8. Bombay Cat

The LaPerm has a curly, rippled coat and a friendly, people-oriented personality. Sometimes she is calm and friendly, and other times she is lively and curious. This cat loves attention and being close to the people she lives with. Even though this breed is curious, it is happy to sit on your lap and be close to what is going on. A loving family grows in the LaPerm.

9. LaPerm Cat

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