Redhill Membership Registration

By registering you agree to the following terms.

By signing this form, all participants agree to observe the safety rules and acknowledge that they ride at their own risk.

Redhill staff, the land owner and the centre organisers do not accept responsibility for any injuries, damage or loss suffered to person or property, however caused, on or off the premises.

When travelling on the uplift service at Redhill participants must respect all staff wishes regarding loading/unloading and transporting. Should misuse occur the service will be stopped.

Mountain biking/BMX riding are inherently dangerous sports. Riders must take care not to push themselves beyond their capabilities, skills and experience. Certain tracks, jumps and features have been built for intermediate and advanced riders only, beginners are not advised to ride them.

If riders are concerned about the safety of tracks, jumps or features they must not ride them and must make their concerns known to the staff and management on site.

All riders MUST wear a suitable helmet which is fitted correctly and not cracked or damaged. Full face helmets are strongly recommended and advised. All other safety equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, back protector, neck brace and body armour are very strongly advised and are highly recommended whilst riding.

Bicycle Dirt Park

  • All riders are responsible for ensuring their bike is in good working order and safe to ride.
  • Bikes MUST have bar end plugs fitted correctly. No bar end plugs, no riding.
  • Bikes MUST have at least one working brake fitted. No brake, no riding.
  • If rider is under 16 years of age a parent or guardian signature is required before riding at Redhill.

Redhill Registration

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